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What is Virtual Assistance?

Virtual Assistance is an exciting new profession based on traditional administrative support. But, like today’s evolving busy lifestyles and work styles, virtual assistance has moved far beyond its administrative roots. A virtual assistant, or VA, partners with small and micro business owners to take care of their operational and administrative details. This gives business owners more time to focus on doing the things they love. That could be growing their businesses or having more personal time. And, thanks to the latest technology, it is done remotely.

What kinds of things does a Virtual Assistant do?

bullet Keep a schedule and make appointments
bullet Conduct research
bullet Develop spreadsheets
bullet Develop and maintain data bases
bullet Make business and personal travel plans
bullet Business and personal gift selection and ordering
bullet Business and personal bill paying and record keeping
bullet Desktop publishing
bullet Vendor management
bullet Develop efficient business process systems to create more space and time for the important things